Live Blogging a Q&A session

While looking at this great guide about live blogging we have thought that Dilmot can be used as a live blogging Q&A tool.

This means, that if you are covering an event where you expect people to make a lot of questions about what is going on, you can use Dilmot Q&A box to respond to those questions in real-time with all the moderation options that Dilmot provides.

A QnA box made with Dilmot

Each day we see how our clients are using our QnA webapp in different ways. In this case, the non-profit foundation Fundación Carolina has prepared their public QnA box with Dilmot. You can see the screenshot below:

Página de consultas hecha con

Public consultation page made with

This is a simple way of adding to your webpage a simple form to send and receive questions and answer them to the public. The public QnA box can be embedded into your web with a simple iframe. In order to know more about Dilmot possibilities you can read:

A WordPress plugin to make live Q&A’s with Dilmot

We are happy to announce that our plugin for WordPress in ready for launch. We are looking for beta testers. If you would like to participate please send us a note using the form in this link:

Dilmot is launching a new plugin for WordPress

Dilmot is launching a new plugin for WordPress

With this plugin, you will be able to publish live chat Q&A’s inside WordPress blogs. In order to start using it, you need to have an account in Dilmot. Getting a Dilmot account is free. In your WordPress installation, you need to install the plugin called Dilmot. In this plugin you will get an API secret key that will be requested in your Dilmot account settings page. This is how both websites (your WordPress site and the Dilmot one) will be synched.

We will also release a WordPress theme that will help you to create a custom Q&A portal website with WordPress. It will be based in the bootstrap css framework, so you can easily adapt it to your desired look&feel.

**** UPDATE 16 FEBRUARY 2015 ****

The plugin is ready to be downloaded and used with your WordPress powered site. This is the plugin page address:

In the following screenshot you can see the setting page of the plugin:

WordPress plugin to make live Q&A chats with Dilmot

WordPress plugin to make live Q&A chats with Dilmot