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Useful Webapps for Local Newspapers

Local newspapers are an essential part of the welfare of every community. The internet has challenged that and many local newspapers have struggled to survive with all the changes that have affected advertising and readers’ habits.

In a recent article by The Economist there is an in depth research on the new trend to recuperate the life of the local newspapers. These are some apps that will help local newspapers in this new endeavour:

1. Substack

Substack will help you add subscribers to your newsletters, and there is a possiblity to charge them. Read more at https://substack.com/local-news

2. Medium

This is another popular platform that will help your local news get more readers, and get paid while doing so. Checkout https://medium.com/creators

3. Patreon

Another cloud platform for creators of all kind, that also supports written media. Have a look at https://www.patreon.com/c/writing

And how to add real-time interviews and chats to your local news website?

We would like to take this chance to introduce you to Dilmot.com, the platform to help you organise and publish your live chats with the relevant people in your web. Check out https://www.dilmot.com/

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Best blogging platforms

Blogging platforms have been out there for many years, but they keep evolving. We have taken a quick look at what is the last shout and how the classic platforms are evolving

Blogging platforms

Thinking about launching a blog?


One of the senior platforms out there. It was born as a blog editing software, but today is much more than that. There is a large network of active blogs in http://www.wordpress.com and you can host yours for free. It is also available as an open source software so you can have your own site hosted in a simple server. The pros and cons of a self-hosted blog with wordpress is analysed in this post.

For example, this blog is hosted privately but uses WordPress software to power it.


Blogger was acquired by Google, so now you can count with a lot of help from Google to promote this platform.


Why use Tumblr? this platform was born to declutter the complexity that was arising in the existing blogging platforms. With Tumblr everything is easier and the themes you can use are definitely nicer.

Comparing the 3 main hosted platforms

There are some good comparisons of these three platforms, and we recommend you have a look at them:

Quoting one of them “Whereas WordPress is best suited for professional users who want to outfit their blog with upgrades and plugins, Tumblr finds grounding in quick, community-driven posts usually lined with images. And Blogger walks the middle ground between the two with a sheer level of simplicity and easy-to-use use design anyone can master.

Read more: http://www.digitaltrends.com/social-media/wordpress-vs-tumblr-vs-blogger


Newer, alternative blogging platforms

But if you are looking at new stuff that is coming and that may become the new WordPress of this world, have a look at these platforms:

Silvrback: it has an amazing clean design

Ghost: similarly to WP, it can be self-hosted or hosted in their servers.

Roon: because sometimes you would like to do things differently…

Medium: you will need to use a Twitter of Facebook account in order to use Medium.

Svbtle: Positioned as a magazine type of blogging platform.