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How to make a Q&A session in Facebook?

Live Q&A sessions are a way of putting your audience in direct touch with your guest. The final result is a sort of crowdsourced interview, since the questions come from your Internet audience. It is like inviting the floor to make the questions. Dilmot allows you to create Facebook pages where you can moderate a live Q&A session

You are building your on-line marketing plan and you wonder, how can you create more user engagement, how can you attract new visitors and allow them to participate, how can you build up your brand value by publishing content generated by personalities, whether they are experts in any matter or celebrities, artists of all kind.

The idea is that you can invite an expert, celebrity or any person that you want to expose to the questions of the visitors of your web or Facebook page. Many on-line media have been doing this for a long time. It is a mix of journalism and crowdsourced content.

Dilmot allows you to:
– Easily publish the on-line form to send questions
– Make the interview be shown as a live chat
– Filter and moderate the questions, so you only show the relevant ones
– Edit the questions
– Promote the result of the interview in social networks

In the example of one of our clients below, you can see a Q&A with a fashion expert. This was published in the US for a clothing e-commerce site. You can see how the answers have links so that that this event can ultimately drive sales, since the visitors to the interview can directly see the items recommended by the guest. We see this example as a good case study of social commerce.

A Q&A session within Facebook, managed with dilmot.com online software

A Q&A session within Facebook, managed with dilmot.com online software

So if you would like to try out Dilmot software send us a hello and we will make a demo for you.

Boost your e-commerce sales by featuring Q&A with an expert

We have recently had the experience with one of our clients who asked us to deploy Dilmot App in order to organise Q&A on-line forums for their e-commerce site.

It has been a great success, since existing and potential customers use this tool to get advice about very specific topics, such as if a product has certain feature or how does it compare to another product. It is also being used to obtain recommendations for making presents.

Help the client in purchasing decisions with Dilmot support software

Help the client in purchasing decisions with Dilmot support software

The “expert” that will answer the questions are staff of the store. They dedicate one hour everyday to respond to all the questions that are being sent with the Dilmot tool. It is an opportunity for the expert to write the response putting the appropriate links to the items on the on-line store, thus increasing the searchability of the content and increasing the SEO scoring. This is a customer driven content generation, and it is very likely that if one customer has a question, other customers will have the same one, so you will be able to attract people who search to your website, ultimately increasing sales and customer loyalty.

Resolving customer questions is something that now is easy using Dilmot Q&A Platform. Click here and get in touch with us today. We will give you the best solution to use our platform with your on-line shop.