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Embed a live Q&A session in a blog or website

There are many reasons why you would like to have a live conversation with your readers, and embed it in your existing website or blog. Today we would like to feature a live chat that is complementary to a Google Hangout. As you can see in the image below, Waiomizik is embedding the webchat right below his live streaming session done with Google Hangouts on air:

Embed a Q&A session in a website, to support a Google Hangout on air session

Embed a Q&A session in a website, to support a Google Hangout on air session

What is a Hangout on air?

A Hangout on air is a web application that belongs to Google. It is used to make a live video stream with a webcam. And this live video stream can take place between several persons. Because YouTube belongs to Google, then you can broadcast the Google Hangout on air inside of a YouTube embedded viewer.

What do you need to do something like this?

– A Google/YouTube account that will allow you to set-up the Google Hangout on Air
– A Dilmot account, that will allow you to set-up the live Q&A chat. See a tutorial here: How can I publish a live Q&A session on the Internet?

Both of these applications, Hangouts on air (YouTube) and Dilmot, allow embedding of their webapps inside of other webs, so this is all you have to do: embed the Hangout video and embed the Dilmot stream.

In the image above, you can see that there is a countdown to the start of the Hangout. When the Hangout will start, this box will show the live streaming video.

Below the Google Hangout box, there is the Dilmot stream of webchat, that will be updated automatically every time there is a new question and answer. This webchat will allow the broadcasters to receive questions that they would like to respond during the video streaming. So, Dilmot works as a complementary webapp to Hangout on air.

If you need further help, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team, and we will make our best to help you organise a successful Hangout + Dilmot live event.

5 tools for publishing interviews

The web portal Clases de Periodismo published yesterday 5 essential tools for digital journalists who want to make interviews

Because the post is in Spanish, we will give you a short translation of the key applications featured:

1. Highlight

Free app for iOS devices. You may:

    • start/stop for each bit of the interview
    • add notes to the interview
    • share to email, save to the cloud (google drive, Dropbox, Evernote, etc)
Hightlight app records interview audio

Hightlight app records interview audio

Download it for free in the App Store.



Useful tool to translate sound filetypes. converts audio files converts audio files


3. Dictation

It is a voice recognition web application, good for dictating.

Dictation online with voice recognition in the browser

Dictation online with voice recognition in the browser

4. oTranscribe

It is another web application to make the transcription process easier. It works in the browser. Upload the audio and start transcribing with an easy interface. Allows MP3, OGG, WebM y WAV, and there is a format converter

Some features

      • Add cue points.
      • Reduce speed.
      • Accelerate the recording.

Give it a try here.


5. Dilmot

An easy platform that allows you to publish easily long distance conversations or initiate an interview where others can comment.

Questions can be moderated and the interview can be hooked up with Twitter. Just define a hashtag so the tweets are imported into the platform.

Dilmot is an easy way to publish an interview live in your web

Dilmot is an easy way to publish an interview live in your web

Customize it like you want: logo and colors. Use a subdomain or your own domain even! and best of all, the application has a free plan

Dilmot guest information section

Dilmot guest information section

With this tool it is very easy to manage the remote conversation with the person you invite to answer the questions, either of yourself as a journalist, or the readers, or both. Participation of everyone is very simple.


On-line tool to measure author’s and books’ success

We have learnt about NextBigBook which is an Internet tool to measure the on-line and off-line success of books and their authors. You will be able to correlate the on-line and off-line analytics.

Measure success of books on-line with Next Big Book

Measure success of books on-line with Next Big Book