This is a set of short hints about how to use tool to host live Q&A chats:

Basic definitions

What is a…

  • Q&A
  • Stream
  • Guest
  • iFrame
  • Twitter hashtag (#word)
  • Dilmot

How to…

  • Create a stream
  • Change the stream image
  • Invite a guest for the Q&A
  • Let the guest participate in the talk
  • Change the avatar image of the guest
  • Reorder the questions
  • Moderate the questions
  • Add a welcome and farewell message to the Q&A
  • Embed the Q&A in any website
  • Share the Q&A in other websites
  • Include the Q&A in my blog
  • Get questions from a Twitter hashtag
  • Change the avatar of the account administrator
  • Embed an iframe in the answer, f.e. YouTube, Twitter, etc
  • Change the subdomain name
  • Change the email attached to the account
  • Protect the stream from the public, i.e. restrict access
  • Promote the Q&A
  • Import a list of questions from a text file

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