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Allow questions and comments in a Google Hangout on Air video for all users

We all love Google Hangouts and Google Hangout on Air, and they can be broadcasted as a YouTube video stream. So it is really one of the backbone services of today web. Forget about other video streaming solutions because they are all extremely restrictive.

But if you have organised a Hangout inside Google+ you will have noticed that in order to comment or make questions the users need to have a Google+ account. How can you allow them to make questions if they don’t have a Google+ account? Well, here is the pain point where Dilmot can help you out.

With Dilmot you can manage a stream of questions and answers in real-time. It works like a chat but it is moderated, meaning that nothing will be published unless you (the “moderator”) allows it. This stream can be embedded in any website, so you can put in one place the video embed and below it you can put the Q&A / chat / comment feed that Dilmot will provide you with.

In the following image you can see how it worked for one of the Dilmot users. We would like to remark that opening an account in Dilmot is free. There is also a Pro account with premium features available if you would like to enjoy certain features such as making the stream password protected, reordering the questions, getting instant mail notification, etc.

Embed a Q&A session in a website, to support a Google Hangout on air session

Embed a Q&A session in a website, to support a Google Hangout on air session

Brent Schlenker talked about a Hangchat in this article: http://elearndev.blogspot.com.es/2014/09/hangchat-google-hangout-on-air-during.html

Source: If you would like to read about Google Hangouts, there is a lot published in this blog: http://blog.qstion.com/

Embed a live Q&A session in a blog or website

There are many reasons why you would like to have a live conversation with your readers, and embed it in your existing website or blog. Today we would like to feature a live chat that is complementary to a Google Hangout. As you can see in the image below, Waiomizik is embedding the webchat right below his live streaming session done with Google Hangouts on air:

Embed a Q&A session in a website, to support a Google Hangout on air session

Embed a Q&A session in a website, to support a Google Hangout on air session

What is a Hangout on air?

A Hangout on air is a web application that belongs to Google. It is used to make a live video stream with a webcam. And this live video stream can take place between several persons. Because YouTube belongs to Google, then you can broadcast the Google Hangout on air inside of a YouTube embedded viewer.

What do you need to do something like this?

– A Google/YouTube account that will allow you to set-up the Google Hangout on Air
– A Dilmot account, that will allow you to set-up the live Q&A chat. See a tutorial here: How can I publish a live Q&A session on the Internet?

Both of these applications, Hangouts on air (YouTube) and Dilmot, allow embedding of their webapps inside of other webs, so this is all you have to do: embed the Hangout video and embed the Dilmot stream.

In the image above, you can see that there is a countdown to the start of the Hangout. When the Hangout will start, this box will show the live streaming video.

Below the Google Hangout box, there is the Dilmot stream of webchat, that will be updated automatically every time there is a new question and answer. This webchat will allow the broadcasters to receive questions that they would like to respond during the video streaming. So, Dilmot works as a complementary webapp to Hangout on air.

If you need further help, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team, and we will make our best to help you organise a successful Hangout + Dilmot live event.

Make a live web chat event with Dilmot

Whether it is a sport event, or a product presentation, you may want to post in real-time what is happening.

If you are a web publisher and you need a tool to publish live on the web, you should check out Dilmot. With this publishing tool, you can create “streams” of real-time chat, that, besides being published live without the need of refreshing the content, can be easily embedded into your website. And the content of the chat (Q&A) will remain published and improve the SEO of your website.

Broadcast live chat with Dilmot

Dilmot publishing platform will allow you to publish live content

There are other options to make live events such as Qstion (http://www.qstion.com), our sister company. In this case, the live chat is done together with a video broadcast. You may use Google Hangouts video platform, which is well integrated with Qstion.