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Make a live web chat event with Dilmot

Whether it is a sport event, or a product presentation, you may want to post in real-time what is happening.

If you are a web publisher and you need a tool to publish live on the web, you should check out Dilmot. With this publishing tool, you can create “streams” of real-time chat, that, besides being published live without the need of refreshing the content, can be easily embedded into your website. And the content of the chat (Q&A) will remain published and improve the SEO of your website.

Broadcast live chat with Dilmot

Dilmot publishing platform will allow you to publish live content

There are other options to make live events such as Qstion (http://www.qstion.com), our sister company. In this case, the live chat is done together with a video broadcast. You may use Google Hangouts video platform, which is well integrated with Qstion.