Useful Webapps for Local Newspapers

Local newspapers are an essential part of the welfare of every community. The internet has challenged that and many local newspapers have struggled to survive with all the changes that have affected advertising and readers’ habits.

In a recent article by The Economist there is an in depth research on the new trend to recuperate the life of the local newspapers. These are some apps that will help local newspapers in this new endeavour:

1. Substack

Substack will help you add subscribers to your newsletters, and there is a possiblity to charge them. Read more at

2. Medium

This is another popular platform that will help your local news get more readers, and get paid while doing so. Checkout

3. Patreon

Another cloud platform for creators of all kind, that also supports written media. Have a look at

And how to add real-time interviews and chats to your local news website?

We would like to take this chance to introduce you to, the platform to help you organise and publish your live chats with the relevant people in your web. Check out

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Encuentros Digitales para el Día del Libro 2018

Se acerca el Día del Libro / Sant Jordi, y este año desde Dilmot queremos aportar nuestro pequeño grano de arena a la comunidad editorial y literaria: Hasta finales de abril se podrá usar la plataforma Dilmot de forma gratuita para su plan corporativo.

Dilmot con la lectura

Dilmot con la lectura

¿Qué tienes que hacer si quieres beneficiarte de esta promoción? Tienes que abrirte una cuenta en Dilmot en este enlace:

Y contactarnos a través del formulario o de nuestro correo info@ pidiéndonos que te activemos la cuenta corporativa.

¡Gracias por ayudarnos a difundir esta iniciativa entre editoriales, medios y escritores!

Feliz Día del Libro 2018 y Feliz Sant Jordi

Now you can embed Instagram images into the Dilmot stream

We are increasing the social media integration of Dilmot and now you can embed Instagram images as well as Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo.

Dilmot allows you embed external providers content (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo).

All you need to do is introducing either the content url or the embed code this provider generates for you, and we will show this content as it is displayed in its original place!

Learn more:

A live blog or chat that you can embed inside your web

If you are looking for a way of publishing live chats, blogging, Q&A’s and events, you can use

It is very simple to use. You just have to create an account in In Dilmot we call “stream” to the live session that is going to be published. This stream can be included in your website like a live feed. So you just have to create a stream for the event you want to cover live, whether it is a Q&A, broadcasting a football match, etc. You may insert this stream in your blog or web, with a simple iframe code that you can put in your webpage. This works in a similar fashion to inserting a live YouTube video.

In the following image you can see the area in the application where you can get the code that you can use to insert your web.

Page where you obtain the code to embed the chat inside your web

Page where you obtain the code to embed the chat inside your web

In the following image you can see how the live stream will show embedded into an on-line newspaper such as
Y en la siguiente imagen puedes ver como queda insertado el encuentro digital dentro de un diario on-line como El Confidencial.

Encuentro digital de Carlos Doblado en El Confidencial

Encuentro digital de Carlos Doblado en El Confidencial