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Create content for your Blog easily

You need not be a great writer or spend hours creating content on your blog. You can think creatively to use other means to create content that do not require a lot of effort

In this fantastic recent article by the magazine Entrepreneur http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/233823, there are a lot of good ideas to create content.

We would like to add our experience on the matter, and give you some hints about the applications that you can use in order to create such content:

1. Create an image gallery

Using Instagram in conjunction with tint-up is one idea, but you can also create your own gallery as we discussed in this post.

2. Select a list of songs related to a theme

You can post something like this: http://mashable.com/2014/06/02/summer-songs-since-1962/, that contains all summer hits since 1962.

In Spotify there are a lot of curated lists of almost anything. And in YouTube you can also find funny lists such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWTQqIxxbSk songs about rain

3. Put quotes

I like for example to look at quotes about the universe, http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/universe.html

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

Albert Einstein

4. Make a list of links

Like this very same one, you mean? 😉

5. A collection of videos following one topic

Again, this is curating, like links or images… nothing new here. In Vimeo you can find lists of videos about interesting topics.Like this awesome collection of videos filmed with the GoPro on Vimeo

6. Audio interview

This is the classic journalists work. You can nowadays use your mobile phone as a pretty good sound recorder. And share your interview using Soundcloud. Here is a guide about how to use Soundcloud for journalists: http://help.soundcloud.com/customer/portal/articles/1209788-soundcloud-for-journalists

7. Podcast

A podcast is like recording a radio program, and making it available as a sound file on-line.

8. Video Interview and 9. Video Q&A

There are good tools out there to make a video session with questions and answers such as http://www.qstion.com

If you feel like video or audio is complex and requires edition, post-production and some tension during the execution, try first a simpler tool such as a webchat where you can publish the Q&A easily. Dilmot is a web publishing tool that will allow you to have your own site and share the interview with your readers so they can also participate sending questions, check it out at http://www.dilmot.com

10. Slide deck

A classic way of sharing your slides on-line with slideshare, but also Google Docs offers great tools for sharing.

Ok, this is the bulk of it. Hope you found it useful! let us know your comments and findings

Embed social network streams in your blog or website

Aggregating all your social networks in your website or blog, can help you to engage your readers and save you time

As a plugin in your blog

I have good experience using Twitget. It is a plugin for WordPress. You can download the plugin in this link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/twitget/.

With the new version of the Twitter API, 1.1., it is required that you obtain an API key in order to be able to grab your tweets.

Embed a single tweet

Another option is to choose the tweet you want and just insert it inside your post.
This is currently possible as a regular feature in Twitter. It will look like this:


This will work in a WordPress hosted blog as well. Bear in mind that not all iframes are allowed in the WordPress.com blog.


Use Tint to embed the streams of your social networks

Use Tint to embed the streams of your social networks

Tint up is a powerful platform that you can use to embed the streams of your social networks. You embed content from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, RSS, Google+, Linked in, Vine and Tumblr. More information about what you can do with Tint here: http://techcrunch.com/2013/04/10/tint-gives-businesses-an-easy-way-to-bring-social-feeds-to-their-websites-apps-and-facebook-pages/


Curate social feeds in your website with Rebelmouse

Curate social feeds in your website with Rebelmouse

Rebelmouse is another great tool to curate the content of your social networks and display it in your website.


Grab your best blog, twitter, facebook, instagram content in one page

Grab your best blog, twitter, facebook, instagram content in one page

With Pressly you can organise your content in your preferred way, and display your posts, tweets and other social feed activity in a highly attractive visual way.

Social content marketing tools – Create content for your blog

Engagement is the new buzzword content creation in the web. There is so much content created over the blogosphere and social media sites that quality is becoming more important over time. Curating content is crucial and we will introduce you to the social interview tool Dilmot

Companies are now fully aware that just distributing information on a regular basis is not enough. It is simple to put information into the web. You can just copy and paste it from a myriad of sites. But the difficult part is how to create content that is useful, that adds value to the reader.

As a web editor, blog writer or webmaster, you are looking for tools that make the creation of content faster, easier and more original. We want to bring your attention today on the available tools for organising on-line interviews.

How do you organise an on-line social interview?

If you want to draw attention to your website or blog, inviting your readers to an on-line interview can be a great choice. Dilmot works as a web publishing in a similar way to WordPress or Blogger. In order to post an interview you just need to fill in the basic information you want to publish such as the photo of the guest speaker, a short intro or bio and the expected date and time when the guest will be answering the questions.

At that point you will have a url that you can point at. It is also possible to include this url within another web, be it a blog, regular website or even in your Facebook page, using an iframe.


Receiving questions from your readers

Once you publish the website, you can start receiving questions from the audience. The questions can be anonymous or the user can identify herself using Facebook or Twitter
. There is also a new way of receiving questions, by using a Twitter hashtag.

Moderating the questions

In all the situations mentioned above, the interview administrator/moderator will be able to moderate the incoming questions. This means that no incoming question will be published unless the moderator approves it. The moderator can also edit the content of the question, e.g. to declutter a question or fix typos.

Answering the questions

The guest speaker will have a private access protected by username/password. With this access they can see the list of questions and start answering right away from a simple interface.

Normally you would want to present the answers in real-time, so the webapp is built in order to do so. Viewers will see the interview as if it is a real-time chat.

Editing the answers

The moderator can edit the answers in case there are typos.

Listing the interviews

Dilmot can work solely as a piece of content within your website, in what technically could be called iframe mode, or it can be published inside a full-fledged portal where there will be an agenda and the interviews will be hosted and catalogued with the appropriate tags.

So, do you want to test drive Dilmot? Get in touch with us here!