Crazy Friday Promo: 3 months Free for a Pro account

If you are reading this text today in a tweet:

Then, today is your lucky friday!

Conditions to obtain 3 months of a free account:

* Use a account to make a Q&A
* Make an original Q&A. This means it is not breaching copyright laws from anybody
* Respect human rights, do not insult, troll or go beyond the respect that everybody deserves
* Get questions made using the available social networks to login in the question form. There have to be at least 10 different profiles (of either Twitter, Facebook or a combination of both)
* Make it during the 24h following the Twitter notifying the start of the Promotion
* Only one Q&A per account will be taken into account for the Promotion

Thank you for participating in the contest and joining!

If you have any questions please get in touch with us here

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