New version of Dilmot

Dilmot is a project that started one and a half years ago with a very simple idea: allow all the web content producers to be able to organise their own Q&A’s in a simple way.

If you are not yet familiar with the idea of an on-line Q&A, please read this article: What is an on-line Q&A and how does it work?

An on-line Q&A is a web content type that is transforming all the time. With the rising importance of communications and social network connectivity, having an agile and at the same time powerful tool to fulfill this need is becoming a priority for many on-line traditional media. And for many bloggers too.

With this new version we would like to ease the creation of your own Dilmot account, and we have also put a lot of effort on offering a free plan for non-profit organisations, educational sites and also for small publishers who cannot otherwise afford to pay for the subscription fees.

So, we hope you find it useful and keep providing feedback for us. Last year we have been working not only on this, but also on Qstion. Both projects are complementing each other.

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