How to promote a new book with Dilmot?

Dilmot is an on-line tool that allows you to publish q&a easily. It has been proven successfully to promote writers and new books.

This is an idea for publishers, agents and all the professional segment in the editorial business. Many publishing houses organise book presentations to give visibility to their authors and promote them when they launch a book.

In the days of the social network marketing, a proposal to enlarge the reach of a book presentation is to do it online. But, why get onto complicated set-ups?, go with a simple publishing tool that can even be customized to fit the look and feel of your company/publishing house. Or you can just use it as a component in the website of a famous writer.

how to promote a book using on-line interviews with the author

Photo by Seokwon Yang under CC license

How does it work

Just create an account with, and you can start publishing your first interview.

Use Dilmot to promote a music group or singer

Use Dilmot to promote a music group or singer

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