Add a Q&A section to your website using Dilmot

Having a Q&A can be a great tool to be in touch with your followers, your fans, your potential clients, you name it. Using

publishing platform it is very simple

Let’s say you manage a website for a music band, or for a writer, or a sportswoman, or an expert or celebrity. Or just for yourself. If you want to publicly address questions from your fans or visitors, it would be great to have a tool to let you manage those questions and answer in a simple manner.

Well this on-line tool exists and it is called Dilmot. Just open an account at and start managing your Q&A.

Dilmot is closely connected to the main social networks, so there are some things that you can do such as receiving questions that the users send with certain #hashtag. You could announce, for example, send your questions using Twitter with the #askSamantha. And everytime a tweet is sent with that #hashtag, it will be automatically added to the questions in your inbox.

Also, the users that send questions can identify themselves using their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Using Q&A’s has proven to be a valuable method of creating content for your website and create engagement for your readers.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your account today, it is free 🙂

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