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Moderated web Q&A’s, a new tool for community managers

The community manager is one of the fastest growing jobs in the past years. Now they have available a new tool to engage the audience: social Q&A or on-line interviews. With these web chats, the Community Manager can build up values for her organisation and communicate with her target segment. Given the fact that the CM is already managing the social accounts of Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest and so on, it is natural that they expand their management powers to these real-time chats, helping to promote them in the social networks.

The good combination between the broad, generic social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…) and the live sessions set-up with Dilmot, result on the perfect combination. Dilmot allows not only to handle the questions and answers in real-time, moderating the discussion, but also allow to keep the discussion published afterwards, with the benefits of branding and web traffic that these entail.

The option to moderate Twitter conversations as well as organising the chat within Facebook, put Dilmot as a valuable tool in the everyday activity of the Community Manager.

We offer you free consulting to organise your real-time chats with the Dilmot software. Just say hello here.