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Reader participation in your website: Crowdsourced interviews (crowdinterviewing)

We live in the time of crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing is the name of the game

Crowdsourcing is the name of the game

Knowledge crowdsourcing with the Wikipedia

Q&A crowdsourcing with Quora

Travel advice crowdsourcing with TripAdvisor

New projects and start-ups crowdfunding (crowdsourcing), with projects such as Kickstarter or Lánzanos

Secrets crowdsourcing with WikiLeaks


Dilmot brings you a new type of crowdsourcing: make a crowdsourced interview. Get the questions from the floor! You can combine journalism with reader participation in a unique way, because Dilmot allows you to combine questions that you make and also that the visitors make. The visitors will be able to send their questions to the guest. Normally this platform is used by the web versions of newspapers and magazines that want to engage users with new content and give them the exclusive opportunity to talk with VIPs.

You can publish the crowdsourced interview as a continuous stream, so the questions and answers flow in real-time without any delay or need to refresh the browser, unlike what happens with many traditional solutions.

We could coin the term crowdinterviewing, following the same logic as crowdfunding 🙂