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7 reasons to organise an online interview

Add a social chat interview to your website with Dilmot.com

Add a social chat interview to your website with Dilmot.com

On-line interviews or Q&A sessions are a proven on-line marketing tool that is being used by organisations across all sectors. In this social media era where instant communication is a must, putting together a big audience in front of your guest speaker in real-time is unique. Web interviews can be the perfect answer to that demand.

1. Speed: it can be set-up easily and quickly
Once you decide to invite the speaker, you will only need some bio data and a photograph to create the interview page where the questions will be received.

2. Low cost
No need to travel, no need to rent a space or complicate logistics. Everything will be done through the Internet.

3. Interview from anywhere
The location of your guest is not a problem, as well as the location of the audience. Bring together everyone in the virtual forum.

4. Questions can be moderated
No more concerns about what is correct and what is not. No more trolls or insults. Unlike many forums, on-line Q&A are moderated through an easy interface.

5. Translation of the interview
The interview can have an even wider reach when you have a translator that comfortably translates every question and answer in real-time, using an special translation mode provided in the Q&A application.

6. High quality content and excellent searchability
All the content generated by your guest and the audience will remain published in the website for further reference. It is optimised for seach engines and because it is fresh and focused it will help to better position your website altogether.

7. Community Management and social networks: Twitter, Facebook y Linkedin
Due to the interaction features, the work of your Community Manager can be leveraged by distributing links and accepting incoming questions originated in Facebook and Twitter. Once the interview is finished the answers can also be shared in vertical networks such as Linkedin.

¿Is this all folks? Well, we only wanted to give some quick shots of the benefits that on-line interviews can bring to you. If you would like to know more and give it a try please contact our team here.