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A QnA box made with Dilmot

Each day we see how our clients are using our QnA webapp in different ways. In this case, the non-profit foundation Fundación Carolina has prepared their public QnA box with Dilmot. You can see the screenshot below:

Página de consultas hecha con Dilmot.com

Public consultation page made with Dilmot.com

This is a simple way of adding to your webpage a simple form to send and receive questions and answer them to the public. The public QnA box can be embedded into your web with a simple iframe. In order to know more about Dilmot possibilities you can read:

New feature: Sort incoming questions in Dilmot

We are proud to present another feature this week: the possibility to reorder the incoming questions to the interview.

The interface is very easy to use, and allows you to send the question to the top, to the bottom or raise it one position up or lower it one position down, as you can see in the following screenshot:

Sort incoming questions  to Dilmot

Sort incoming questions to Dilmot

This one is another premium feature. Get in touch with us to get started with Dilmot.com!